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Individual zone schedules with holidays - Not every zone of a building is occupied at the same time. With individual zone schedules, you only heat or cool the areas that are occupied. That means no wasting money and energy by conditioning an unoccupied area.

Adjustable dead band setpoints - This is a valuable energy-saving sequence especially in operations that are 24/7. The deadband is the range between the cooling and heating setpoint. During that range, the heating and cooling is shut off completely.

The ecWizard can be installed to allow for complete shutoff of the air (CFM) in unoccupied modes Damper spring ranges can change from the force of duct air pressure etc. Actual conditions can vary the close off of the damper actuator changing the actual spring range of the control device. This can cause air to leak through the dampers and change the temperature of the air.

Room thermostat continues to control the temperature if it loses communications - The ecWizard uses the existing pneumatic thermostat. If communication somehow is compromised, the ecWizard switches to auto allowing the thermostat to control normally.

Temperature set point limitations - Out of desperation people are constantly adjusting their thermostats to 55° or 90° in hopes of temperature improvements, ecWizard's set point limitations prevent the adjustments from affecting the temperature and wasting energy.

Wireless communications - Reduces installation costs and reliable; you would think that wired controls would provide better communications than wireless.  But that's not the case, wired communications have hundreds to thousands of different connections throughout the network and quite often cabling through the ceiling areas is accessible to damage from other trades working in the ceiling.  These connections and cabling are probably the largest problem with the DDC controls.  Wireless is far more reliable and simple.

Communications- The ecWizard DDC control system utilizing Tridium software that opens the door to communications through out your facility. The Niagara Framework® is a software platform that integrates diverse systems and devices regardless of manufacturer, or communication protocol into a unified platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real time over the Internet using a standard web browser. By integrating today's diverse building systems such as environmental controls, security, lighting, energy, video, fire and life safety, Niagara is creating better buildings---ones that are smarter, use less energy, are more efficient, have lower operating costs, are safer and contribute to a sustainable environment.

Will not become obsolete and is ready for future all electric upgrades. - The ecWizard contains two modulating outputs for electric damper actuators and valves. This provides a very easy and economical future conversion from pneumatic to all electric. 

Four universal inputs- For Supply air temperature, Room temperature, return air temperature, air flow, control pressures, IAO & humidity. This is an important feature in diagnosing problems with the HVAC control.  Without this feature it requires a technician to visit the area using a ladder and devices to measure the supply air temperature. Historical data logs also provide valuable information. With the high cost of labor this feature saves thousands of dollars each year.

Two analog outputs, two digital outputs and two pneumatic three way valves for heating and cooling auto/off control- The two analog outputs allows the building owner opportunity to replace the pneumatics in certain zones or gradually replace all of the pneumatic controls.  The two digital outputs can be used for start stop control of fans electric heat and audible alarms.  

Trend logs/data logs- For after hour billing, supply air, room air, lighting, motion, CFM, and thermostat miss adjustments - As everyone knows information is valuable. The historical data from monitoring these conditions saves thousands of dollars in energy and labor.

Is not vulnerable to older systems that do not have clean dry control air supplies - Older HVAC systems pneumatic control line's can be contaminated with some oil, moisture and dirt. The standard pneumatic thermostats are quite often replaced because of contamination.  The ecWizard’s pneumatic on-off auto switch does not have small orifices and is not susceptible to contamination

Compatible with demand response programs - The ecWizard can both reduce electrical consumption in demand response programs which provide additional funding for installation.

Optimize start stop - Optimize start provides for an automated start time based on actual zone temperature conditions. Optimize stop allows for a half an hour temperature increase as your Occupants are prepping to leave the facility.  A 1 or 2°F increase in their set point before leaving is an acceptable adjustment in the air-conditioned environment.  1° can have a 3% decrease your mechanical energy consumption.

Tenant override and billing opportunities - Pneumatic thermostats to not have override switches and cannot log override uses.  The ecWizard allows you to bill for HVAC use after hours and on weekends.

Non-invasive retrofit solutions for existing buildings - retrofits can be done without disturbing tenants.

Increases efficiency of other system components - Motion detectors can now turn off the HVAc and lights. VFD's are more efficient because the ecWizard reduces the capacity to meet the actual demand. Sub-metering the plug loads and lighting can economically include the HVAC for complete package of metering. Fans, chillers, pumps, and boilers can operate efficiently based upon the valuable information monitored thought the ecWizard control system.

Power options – The ecWizard can be powered from batteries that last from 2 to 6 years or 24V.  Larger battery packs can extend the battery life and energy harvesting utilizing the duct pressure is soon to be introduced.

Financial features - Low installation cost because you do not have to rip out all of your pneumatic controls just to receive monitoring and energy savings.  Average ROI 11/2 Years.  Reduces maintenance costs. Can receive thousands of utility rebate dollars. Increases ROI of motion detectors, VFDs and sub metering. ecWizard is able to verify the energy savings it achieves daily in trend log reports. No guesswork or estimating if the ecWizard is successfully saving money.

Quality and Reliability- Solidyne's top engineers with Energy Controls Co.,LLC along with Tridium and Jennic have teamed to development the ecWizard.  Solidyne is manufacturing the ecWizards in the Chicago Illinois area. Solidyne established in 1969 is a manufacturer for a variety of quality controls in the industry today. Tridium is the global leader in open platforms, application software frameworks, automation infrastructure technology, energy management and devise-to-enterprise integration solutions. Jennic and ZigBee are proven wireless icons setting the standards throughout the industry. The 6loWPAN protocol provides seamless integration of low power wireless into existing IP networks.