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Ten reasons to purchase the ecWizard versus the wall-mounted DDC pneumatic thermostats. 

The ecWizard is unique to the industry please do not confuse it with the new wall-mounted DDC thermostats being introduced in the industry.

10. Can easily monitor CFM airflow and supply air temperature.

Supply air temperature and air flow are the two items you need to know to make conditions right. This is an important
feature in diagnosing problems with the HVAC control.  Without this feature it requires a technician to visit the area, limb a ladder, and measure the supply air temperature. Historical data logs also provide valuable information. With the high cost of labor this feature saves thousands of dollars each year.

9. The ecWizard is not vulnerable to older systems that do not have clean dry control air supply.

Older HVAC systems pneumatic control lines are usually always contaminated with some oil, moisture and dirt. The standard pneumatic thermostats are quite often replaced because of contamination. This also puts the wall controller at risk of becoming contaminated leading to a costly emergency repair. ($500 plus Labor.) The ecWizard does not have small orifices and is not susceptible to contamination.  Contractors have to warranty the wall-mounted DDC thermostats for one year and only hope that the old pneumatic system stays clean of oil, moisture and dirt.

8. Will not become obsolete and is ready for future all electric upgrades.

Once the ecWizard is installed in your ceiling, you never need to take it out. It comes with 4 universal inputs, 2 analog outputs, and 2 digital outputs. When the pneumatics in a particular zone needs to be replaced, it can be upgraded using the existing ecWizard and adding all electric controls. (Valves/actuators.)  If the manufacture of the wall mounted thermostat doesn't buy it back then it most likely ends up in the garbage can.

7. Wireless communications to Tridium's Jace utilizing Niagara software platform.

The ecWizards communicate wirelessly to the ecHost which is powered by Niagara software platform.  This opens the door to communications with your existing building controls and the Internet.

6. Room thermostat continues to control the temperature if it loses communications

By simply unplugging a router/repeater the temperature setting of the other wall mounted products could get stuck in the unoccupied
setpoint position, causing an emergency service call and temperature problems. The ecWizard goes into auto mode and continues to control the temperature with the existing pneumatic thermostat. 

5.  The ecWizard has the digital outputs for additional control.

 Zone controls often have the fans and electric heat.  The ecWizard's digital outputs and take control of the fans, electric heaters and send digital alarms in critical environments. 

4. Complete shut off of heating and cooling in unoccupied mode

Damper spring ranges can change from the force of duct air pressure etc. Wall controllers rely on accurate spring ranges for
close off.  Actual conditions can vary the close off of the damper actuator, changing the actual spring range of the control
device.  Minimum airflow allows air to continue flowing into the condition space.  The wall mounted DDC thermostats can only shut off the zone to its minimum airflow setpoint.  This minimum amount of flow will continue even if the lights and people are not occupying the space.  The temperatures of the condition space can drop drastically into the sixes (Fahrenheit) if left like this for long periods of time.  Wall mounted thermostat are not compatible with motion detectors shutting off the lights because of the minimum airflow can not be stopped.

3. Safe from tampering.

When space conditions get too hot or too cold, the occupants go directly to the thermostat on the wall, even though the reason is often not the thermostat.  In frustration they will open up the thermostat possibly damaging the control.  In schools they have ripped the guards off and smashed the thermostats.  There are hundreds of horror stories about vandalism etc. The ecWizard is in the ceiling protected from tampering.  The new DDC thermostats are least five times more expensive than the standard thermostats.

2. Saves energy in VAV with hot-water reheat applications by shutting off the heating, cooling and air flow.

 The VAV with hot water re-heat is one the most popular zone controls throughout the United States.  Wall mounted DDC thermostats cannot work in this application because the air flow is only reduced to 50%.  55° supply air temperature at 50% flow will pull the condition space down to extreme cold conditions.  Wall mounted thermostats of any type can not reduce the minimum airflow control in the ceiling.  The ecWizard can stop the HVAC completely.

1.  The new DDC wall mounted thermostats only use batteries.

 The ecWizard can use batteries that last from 2 to 6 years or 24VAC.  Options: Large battery packs that increase the life expectancy from 6 to 10 years.  Coming soon energy harvesting utilizing the duct pressure to recharge the batteries.  If 24VAC is available in the ceiling it reduces a lot concerns about battery disposal and return visits for replacement.  Quite often with the old age of the pneumatic system it's a good idea to wire up the ecWizard to 24V while looking forward to replacing the pneumatics.